• Mrs Tendulkar

    House Husband




    22 minutes

    Hats Off Productions Pvt. Ltd.
  • star cast

    Deven Bhojani, Kishori Godbole, Afia Tayebali, Rishabh Sharma, Shivansh Kotia


Mrs. Tendulkar’ is a unique story of the bank colony members who work and live together as one big family. The show revolves around the life of the Tendulkars where, unlike most other families, the bread-earner is the woman and the husband is the homemaker.

Vibhavari Tendulkar is a bank manager at Gangaram Godbole Sahkari bank while her husband Suhaas Tendulkar looks after the daily chores of the house. Though, the Tendulkars have adapted to this setting very amicably, this does not go down to well with the members of the new society. The society comprises of distinctive characters each having their unique behaviour although they share a common trait of not liking any change in their life.

This story is rollercoaster ride of conflicting ideals, personalities and attitudes. Each episode focuses on the love-hate relationship between the Tendulkars and the rest of the society and how in a short span of time, both the factions start accepting each other  and a beautiful bond is formed between the two!