• Peterson Hill

    Life at railway Station




    22 minutes

    Garima Productions
  • star cast

    Ashwin Mushran,Sucheta Khaana,Rohit Roy


The show traces the story of the people who are seen at a station. Like the day to day life happenings of the station master, vegetable vendors and more. Peterson is a person who constructs the station but due to some problems, he commits suicide. To pay him homage, the officials name the station after him.

The show also highlights the story of a ticket checker who is an unmarried lady. From being renowned for her beauty and having a line of suitors at her door, she is now all alone. There is the station master who lives with his wife and sister-in-law. A beautiful relation is depicted between him and his sister-in-law who he treats like his daughter. Similarly the story of the other people whom we see on the station will be portrayed in the show which makes for a different setting and set of characters