• Piya Basanti Re

    Thorn in my Story




    22 minutes

    Rashami Sharma
  • star cast

    Alan, Ada, Surbhi, Vipra


Pia’s mother has gone through many hardships, working as a house maid to provide Pia the best possible education. As fate would have it, Pia, a dutiful daughter, has to undertake her mother’s job to pay off a loan. However, she has no idea that her life is about to change as the house that she works in as a maid is the house of her classmate in college, Kabeer. Even though they are different personalities their interaction increases leading to a developing mutual respect. Love blossoms and Kabeer and Pia eventually take the plunge.

The class divide that separates the two becomes a thorn in their love story. Pia then embarks on a journey for acceptance at her new home. Will our very own Cinderella adjust to her new family’s expectations?