• Rihaee



    1- 23/24-77


    42 /22 Mins

    B. A. G. Films
  • star cast

    Aron Baali, Joy Sengupta, Kishwar, Manoj Biddvai, Nakul Vaid, Rageshwari Sachdev, Sujata Kumar


This series is based on stories of crime against women such as cases on dowry, rape, alcohol abuse, sexual harassment at the workplace and other atrocities against women that make newspaper headlines every day.

The false belief that women are vulnerable is often the reason behind many of the crimes. However, women have the capacity to fight back and resurrect themselves from the most trying circumstances. This show deals with such realities of women’s life. Each story is inspired from a real life incident, but is fictionalized in order to safeguard the interests of the affected. It is television with a cause.

It is a show that follows the lives and work of courageous and socially driven individuals who take it upon themselves to bring justice to women and strive to eradicate all crime against them in society today.