• Ring Wrong Riing

    Comedy of Errors




    22 minutes

    Anupam Kalidhar,Chehak Kapoor
  • star cast

    Mansi Chouhan, Vijay Chouhan, Dinanath Chouhan


This is a series featuring a normal middle-class home with quirky characters such as an overworked, clumsy yet lovable housewife (Manasi), her loser husband from the retro-era (Vijay),  her  nephew who is inspired to be a magician,  (Bunty ) a trifle loud but endearing mother-in-law, (Gayatri)  a wanna-be film maker brother –in law (Ajay ) and a dead father-in-law (Babuji) who comes alive in his photo-frame albeit carrying over the effects of the Alzheimer’s disease that he suffered from in his life and you have the perfect setting for an unbeatable plot. Added to the mix is Babuji’s childhood penchant for magic and his gift of a magic ring to Manasi, who uses it for laudable ideals but with unforeseen consequences.

 The stage is set for a comedy of forced and unforced errors which will have everyone rolling on the floor laughing their guts off.