• Saakshi

    Breach of Traditions


    1-16 & 17- 32


    30 & 60 minutes

    Balaji Telefilms
  • star cast

    Mauli Ganguli, Ravindra Mankani, Samir Soni, Shilpa Tulaskar


This series is about a woman’s determination to break all norms and conventions forced upon an Indian woman.

Saakshi is a middle class woman with many aspirations and dreams. She refuses to be tied down by the rules of the society and has the courage and determination to break all norms to follow her calling.

It has been seven years since Saakshi’s brother went missing but she still hasn’t found closure.  Saakshi is now determined to fight injustice. Thus, she joins an anti-terrorist squad as an undercover operative. Her life is now a struggle between striking a perfect balance between her two lives – that of a middle class family daughter and the other of a tough undercover operative in a male dominated profession that demands absolute commitment.