22 Minutes

  • star cast

    Vipul Roy , Maghda Chapekar , Firoz , Supriya Shakia , Resham Tipnis , Dhruv Singh
  • Show reel of SAHIB BIWI AUR BOSS


The story revolves around the life of Sandeep and Anisha, a happily  married couple with an unusual situation to face. Sandeep who aspires  to be an actor someday is a house husband investing his time in  dreaming about his acting career. Anisha on the other hand is a  housewife and a loving daughter in law. A simple and happily living  family encounters an eventful life when Anisha decides to cross the  threshold of her house to earn a living for the family. She gets hired in a  well established company but there is a catch! She had to lie about her  marital status in order to get that lucrative job! The company owner is  someone who is in the pretext of hiring a GM for her company is  looking out for a prospective daughter in law for her nephew and starts  to like Sandeep’s insecurity takes a toll on him and he decides that its high  time he protects his wife and decides to take up a job in the same  company. Here again, there is a catch- as they know Sandeep he had to  get the job not as Sandeep. So he enters in the company as Rameshwar  Sharma !Anisha.