• Sajan re Jhooth Mat Bolo

    Husband, Dont lie please




    22 minutes

    Vipul D Shah & Sanjiv Sharma
  • star cast

    Sumeet Raghavan, Sumeet Raghavan, Shalini Khanna, Tiku Talsania
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This story is about Apoorva who lands a job with the Dhirubhai's Global Sanskar Group of Industries. Apoorva meets Aarti (niece of Dhirubhai) and falls in love with her. To impress his boss, Dhirubhai and Aarti he lies to them about his family and background. This leads to Raju, Apoorva's best friend, building up a fake family to reinforce the lie. Only after a month of dating, Aarti gets married to Apoorva.

This show is a series of comedic sequences as Apoorva and his other family members try to hide the truth of this fake family from Dhirubhai and his niece Aarti.