• Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo.


    134*On Air


    22 Minutes

    Optimystix Productions
  • star cast

    Sumeet Raghavan,Ami Trivedi,Shailini Khanna,


This story revolves around one of the richest families  “the chopra’s”. Balvir chopra (jaiver’s father) has a son jaiveer chopra (balvir’s son). Jenice chopra (balvir’s daughter).

Jaiveer truly loves jayaMeanwhile he comes to know that jaya and her father are the bggest haters of rich people because of their belief now if jaiveer tells jaya that he is rich, he is at the risk of loosing his love.

In order to marry jaya the chopra’s come with a plan to make fake poor family to impress jaya’s family. Jaiveer and his friend deepak both come together with a plan to convert their rich family into a poor one. So as per the plan everybody in the family has to live as a poor person in a basti.

How will chopra’s act as fake poor people? How long can they pull this fake act? Will lokhande get to know ever their truth of most rich people?