• Sujata

    Lost Identity




    22 minutes

    Ravi Chopra
  • star cast

    Aman Verma, Indrani Haldar, Ravee Gupta, Sheeba


This is a woman-oriented show which talks about the plight of a forty year old woman, suffering from a mid-life crisis, with her family having no time for her.

Sujata falls in love with Viresh and they marry to have two children. Sujata has sacrificed her youth, her desires and her dreams for the sake of her family. Ever since her marriage, she has adorned upon herself the role of a dutiful wife and her life has always revolved around her husband and children. Today, in the autumn of her life, she finds herself all alone. Her husband is totally engrossed in his work and her children have a life of their own. They have taken her for granted and she has no importance in their lives since they are totally independent now.

When she needs her family the most, she is all by herself with no one to look to for support. She now wants to find her own way to live life. It is a story that brings out the emotions of an urban married woman and her relationship with her husband and her children.