• Super Sisters




    22 minutes

    Optimystix Entertainment
  • star cast

    Gaurav Wadhwa, Vaishali Takkar, Muskaan Bamne, Krunal Pandit, Isha Anand Sharma
  • Show reel of Super Sisters


21year old SHIVANI and her younger sister SIDDHI’s life is shaken up when Shivani is given the boon of MAGIC with which she can help others, despite knowing that this power comes with a curse… that she will not be able to fall in love.

But when cupid strikes what will she choose –MAGIC or LOVE?

Our protagonist, 21 year old SHIVANI lives with her Chachu and her younger ‘live wire’ sister SIDDHI in a small town in Haryana. Shivani receives the powers of magic from Chachu, who is a member of ‘Jadu se Janseva’ (JSJ), a group that believes in using Magic for the good for society. But in exchange for the magic she cannot ever allow herself to fall in love or marry and if she does so, her loved ones will be affected. Shivani and her sister move from Haryana to Gurgaon for their safety at their Mama’s place where she meets the charming, dashing ASHMIT OBEROI, the heir of Oberoi Empire. She must now choose between LOVE and her Powers of MAGIC which are her boon and her curse.