• Suryaputra Karn

    Fearless Karn




    22 Mins

    Swastik Pictures
  • star cast

    Vishesh Bansal, Mouli Ganguli, Anand Suryavanshi
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Fearless, steadfast, Karn never backs down - A witty cynic teenager, he hangs around with his band of boys, killing time and smartly fighting rival gangs. He is a natural leader who refuses to mince his words and his cutting-edge sarcasm is often entertaining. Not one to care much for authority, the only authority he bows down to is his foster mother, Radha whose love he craves for.

Despite being fiercely talented, Karn knows that his aspirations and wishes will never be allowed to come true because of the caste based law of the land and the fact that he belongs to a lower caste. As his character progresses, this cynic reluctant teenager finds his true calling. Confronted by the discriminating society where talent gets overshadowed by caste and class, Karn becomes the symbol of youth, who exercises his right to choice and the right to equal opportunities. Throughout his life, Karn fights for talent over caste. He fights against the orthodox rules of the society and for those who are willing to rise above the ordinary. For this, he pays a heavy price, that of being cursed by his teacher, indebted to the unjust and hated by his own blood.

Watch the story of Mahabharata’s unsung hero, who changes the tide of destiny –
The Invincible/Fearless Karn.