• Thank You Jijaji

    Thank you my Brother-in-Law




    22 minutes

  • star cast

    Jaspal Bhatti, Savitha Bhatti


Starring one of India’s most celebrated comedians, Jaspal Bhatti, as Jijaji (meaning brother-in-law), this series is about Jijaji and his relationships with his wife and his brother-in-law.

 Jijaji is a scared, funny and loving member of an Indian family while his brother-in-law, Mr. Sandhu is dead honest, strict and a no-nonsense senior government officer who is dreaded by his entire department. Jaspal Bhatti as Jijaji is always on the lookout to capitalise on his brother-in-law’s position and even carries a card on which it is printed, ‘Jijaji, brother-in-law of a Senior IAS Officer.’ Jijaji keeps recommending to Mr. Sandhu, some undeserving persons for a favour much to the embarrassment and frustration of the senior government official. Jijaji’s wife is also shown to be fed up with her husband’s false ego but resigns herself to the fact that she can’t do much about it.

And thus unfolds this family comedy. This is a hilarious series on family relationships which takes digs at the workings of a government office and other contemporary happenings.