• The Drama Compnay




    60 mins

    Little Frodo Productions ,Frames Productions
  • star cast

    Mithun Chakraborty,Krushna Abhishek,Sudesh Lehri,Ali Asgar,Dr. Sanket Bhosale,Sugandha Mishra,Ridhim


A struggling Director gets together cast and crew to start up his own theatre company, the only problem is that the cast and the crew are his own in-laws.


A play where everything goes wrong. Every time the characters of the play try to give their best to make the show a success, unfortunately things will go wrong because of different intends and interests.

During the production a plethora of disasters befall the cast including: doors sticking; props on the walls falling down; floors collapsing. Cast members are seen misplacing props; forgetting lines missing cues; mispronouncing words; stepping on fingers; being hidden in an old frame; and being manhandled off stage.

They also have a band in a pit,  one can only see their faces and not the instruments that they are playing.