• The Great Indian Family Drama




    42 minutes

    Contiloe Entertainment
  • star cast

    Satish Kaushik, Archana Puran Singh,Raaj, Rauf Lala,Navneet Nishan


The show houses 5 lead characters which comprise of the Nawab, his wife (Begum Paro), house help (Sikandar), and his neighbors, the brother-sister duo of Shefu and Mohini. Nawab and Begum Paro have been together for almost 25 years now and despite being in love, the couple can always be seen fighting on petty matters, albeit in a comical manner. Begum Paro has a lot of difficulties in getting along with the house help, Sikandar due to his habit of passing remarks on everyone. Their neighbor, Shefu, who is a politician by profession, has only one concern in his life, to get his sister Mohini married to a decent guy. Mohini who back in the days wanted to get married to Nawab but couldn't because he was in love with Begum Paro, has since then dedicated her life to food.

The Great Indian Family Drama showcases a new story every episode, which revolves around these characters and how they face various situations together, throwing the audience into a laughing fit through their quirky mannerisms and comical styles.