• Thodi Khushi Thode Gham

    Bittersweet Moments




    22 minutes

    Shobana Desai
  • star cast

    Deepa Parab,Arvind Rathod,Aliraza Namdar


This is the story of Sneha, the youngest daughter-in-law of the Shah joint family and her battle against her father-in-law, Mansukh Lal Shah. Mansukh Lal believes that men should be dominant over women at all times, whereas Sneha believes that both men and women should have equal rights. Sneha’s husband Pranav is a strong-minded but dutiful son who, like the rest of his family lives in the male-dominated household.

After Sneha is married, she has to change her behavior and attitude because her father-in-law is a very strict man who has laid down many rules that govern the lives of all the women living in the house. Sneha is determined to open the eyes of her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law but Mansukh Lal (her father-in-law) is always two steps ahead of her. This series showcases how Sneha, a simple girl, tries to change her father-in-law's behavior and views about women and finally after ups and downs, she emerges a winner.