• Tum Saath Ho Jabh Apne

    You and Me Forever




    22 minutes

    Sphere Origins
  • star cast

    Barkha Bisht, Hasan Zaidi


Mariyam, a widow, lives with her daughter Najma in the city of Lucknow in North India. Her extended family is keen on getting her remarried and pursues the matter relentlessly. Time and again Mariyam resists which creates great strife in the family.

Amidst the tension, Najma starts to spread her wings and aspires to play tennis competitively. Her ambitions are however thwarted on account of persistent gender bias and familial restrictions. In spite of the Herculean odds, Mariyam emerges as a pillar of strength for Najma and helps nurture her dreams.

Imran, a brooding, misunderstood tennis coach who moves into the neighborhood starts mentoring Najma and eventually ends up becoming a confidant to Mariyam. With him comes a wind of change in Mariyam and Najma’s lives.

Will Mariyam fall in love again? Will Najma’s dream take flight? This series is a tale of love and hope and chronicles the tumultuous journey toward happiness and fulfillment.