• Vaidehi Ek Agni Pariksha

    The Ultimate Test of Love


    1 to 22 / 23 to 54


    42/22 minutes

    Aroona Irani Productions
  • star cast

    Aroona Irani, Kiran Kumar, Pallavi Kulkarni, Sachin Sharma


This is the story of a twenty one year old, spirited girl called Vaidehi. Hailing from a middle class family, Vaidehi dreams of having a loving husband, supportive family and a small house to call her own. In a true fairy tale-like fashion, Vaidehi’s parents receive a marriage proposal from one of the richest families in the country for their only son Aryavardhan. Although apprehensive about the proposal, Vaidehi eventually ties the knot with Aryavardhan. However, on her wedding night she realizes that the wedding was a façade and that this isn’t the end of her fairy tale but the beginning of a nightmare. Finding herself trapped in the marriage, Vaidehi’s life comes to a standstill. To uncover the secrets that are hidden in her husband’s past, Vaidehi will have to endure the ultimate test – Agnipareeksha or trial by fire.