• Yam Hai Hum

    Hi, I am the God of Death




    22 minutes

    Siddharth Tewary,Gayatri Gill Tewary
  • star cast

    Manav Gohil, Atul Parchure, Farhina Parvez


This is the story of Yamraj, the God of Death who descends on earth to rectify his image. One day, Yamraj comes to know that people on earth do not have a good perception about him since he is known to take away human life and is the God of departed spirits. Hence, with due permission of his wife Dhumorna, he along with Chitragupta (a God assigned with the task of keeping records of the actions of human beings) comes to earth to let people know about his duties.

Set in Delhi in a locality called Chandrapuri, once Yam comes to earth, he realizes that humans are all delusional and thus decides to enlighten them to lead a life of virtues.  He stays on earth to tell people that life is beautiful and should not be wasted away in vices. Every time he decides to go back, he sees more and more people struggling in life with day to day issues and stays back to show them the path of righteousness.

The main motive of Yamraj is to make people learn that life is beautiful, but it's our bad deeds that make it worse. Since our life is based on the calculation of our deeds, humans cut their lives shorter by getting involved in bad things. One should live life to its fullest, as death is natural and certain.