• Yeh Moh Moh Ke Daghe




    22 Minutes

  • star cast

    Eijaz Khan ,Niyati Fatnani ,Muni Jha ,Mugdha Shah,Keni Desai,Keni Desai


Brings to you ,
One such story of an unlikely couple which defies every possible stereotype…
…A story of a 42 year old village chief who finds himself tied with a 22 year old urban ambitious girl..
42 year old, Mukhi, lives in a small village near Kutch in Gujarat. He is the ‘Chief’ of the village who tirelessly attends to the problems of his people, sometimes even at the cost of his personal happiness. His dream is to make his village self-sustainable so that the people of his village never have to migrate to the city again. He is way past his marriageable age and comes to Ahmedabad looking for a wife as his younger sister ,Mishri has refused to get married until he does. Mukhi is very reluctant about this entire bride searching mission but has no choice but to play along.
In this bride searching process, he lands up meeting  Aru, a 22 year old, confident and independent girl from Ahmedabad. Aru takes it upon herself to make her family financially secure by taking up all kinds of odd-jobs and multi-tasking through all her waking hours. Her current job is that of a consultant at a marriage bureau
Mukhi turns out to be Aru’s first client at the marriage bureau. Judging him to be just another illiterate, traditional villager, Aru sets out to search for a wife for Mukhi. What follows is a collision of two opposing worlds, as an ambitious, city girl Aru tries to find a bride for a rustic ,son of soil Mukhi
Will Aru be able to find the right girl for Mukhi ? Or will Aru herself end up becoming an integral part of Mukhi’s life